Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Following the directions

It was NOT rocket science. I only had to follow the directions. But for some reason, this was incredibly hard.

The craft before me was simply to print and iron-on a decal on a tote bag. I was reassured by those who have done this craft that it is not difficult, that you only have to read the directions on the box and then do them.

WELL... I read them, but then decided to take a short cut. And I had to buy another box of iron-ons because they um... didn't work. A second attempt went flawlessly after I was attentive to the detailed instructions. Who'd a-thunk it?

You'd think I'd know by now. Directions are not a subversive plot to drive me nuts! They are there to make things easier, to give me such a positive experience with a product or service that I would GLADLY use them again. But the human, prideful part of me tries to do things my own way.

OK, so maybe you always play by the rules. I'm envious. And maybe a little surprised. But hear me out...

Too many times these days we try to take shortcuts when we think it does not matter, or when no one will see. Many things it does not matter, but on matters of honesty and integrity, in areas of spiritual 'rules' such as the Ten Commandments, it does! The cost in human pain and suffering when you don't follow them is enormous!

Yes - Following directions is always a good idea...

From our home to yours -

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