Tuesday, April 28, 2009


FYI... this is not my cat... I don't have a death wish.

Hallelujah. The semester is done.

It really is great to be getting closer to the end of my studies. I figured out that I am 10 classes away from graduation. That includes 2 this summer, both of which will have major research papers. (I'll try to contain my excitement.) I should start working on them early in the semester, but somehow if I start too far ahead, the papers don't have the cohesion and focus, and they ramble.

I realized that I didn't know what it was like to have a normally paced life, where I wasn't up early, studying late. I do have plans to change the pace of my life... and it will happen one of these days. The week in between semesters, I can do so much stuff! I can hang out and not feel guilty, just sit and (gasp) watch TV. Maybe even do nothing.

I think I'll shoot for that...


Monday, April 27, 2009

When will you make an end???

The Agony and the Ecstasy (1961)

Rex Harrison's Pope Julius II bellowed "When will you make an end?"
Charlton Heston's Michelangelo yelled back, "When I am finished!"

That's kind of how I feel...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Soooo Close...

I AM SO SOOOOoooooo CLOSE to wrapping up another semester!!!!!

Here is all that's left:

  • Finish and proof Systematics paper
  • Write 500 word essay on my spiritual formation from Systematics (I am guess he does not want us to write about learning patience or perseverence...)

And then... I get a week off!!! Well, sort of.

I'm going to do fun stuff, like go to the dentist. Maybe garden a little. And read a book that has NOTHING TO DO with theology. At least, not directly.

That light at the end of tunnel??? I am certain now it isn't an oncoming train!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I still do...

7 cars...

6 cats...

5 churches...

4 toasters...

3 moves...

2 daughters...

1 God...

22 years ago we said "I do"... and I still do.

Happy Anniversary, love.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Five: The Bucket List

Singing Owl from RevGals writes:

I wrote this Friday Five a while back but was unable to post it. Just saying, so you know I am not ill! :-) Actually I am heading out of town and will not be able to read your posts till sometime early next week, but I'll do so then. Have fun, and don't think too hard about this one. I figured we were due for some fun after Lent and Good Friday and Easter and all that churchy stuff!

Four days of being mostly in bed with a really bad case of flu (do not worry--I will give no detail) has me pondering the fragility of life. LOL! Death, however, has been cheated in my case and I am up and taking nourishment. In that vein of thought, do you have a "Bucket List"? In other words, from the movie of the same name, five things you want to see, do, accomplish, etc. before you kick the bucket?
funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

I'd say learn to skydive. But if you know me, that's a laugh. SO with some degree of seriousness, and in no particular order...

1. Go with the Bearded Brewer to Ireland. I've been, he hasn't.
2. See our kids be established and happy in the places God has gifted them to be working. (we still have two in school... I am planning on a long life!)
3. Write a book. Not sure what kind. There's too many words in my head and ideas floating around and I've love to get them on paper... (and they don't have to be in Turabian formatting!)
4. Maybe pastor-by-the-sea? Or pastor-in-the-mountains?
5. Visit all of the places across the U.S. I've never seen, but want to (mostly west of the Mississippi).

Happy Friday, everyone...


Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Final Encore...

Another milestone... This year is full of them. The Harpist graduates from high school. Reedy Girl finishes middle school and heads to the crowded halls.

However, tonight's milestone was the last high school concert for The Harpist. A few pictures (indulge a mama, will you?)

Pre-concert tuning... The Harpist getting harp, music and harpist in the same place. (Important!)

Being recognized as one of the seniors... (standing, center rear)

Giving her senior speech.... (center)

Celebrating their teacher, (center) who is a mentor, musician and all-round nice person. She deserves more than roses!! The Harpist is there with the other seniors. (standing at left)

Way to go!!! We are proud of you!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I wrote a deposit check today... a check to send the Harpist to the college of her choice.

I write a lot of checks (or, these days, do a lot of on-line billpays) but I was pretty hard-pressed to think of a more important check than this one for one young woman. We're waiting on the verdict from financial aid, trying to see the senior year end without a slump (!!!!), and just enjoying each moment.

There's a lot of hurdles between this day and the first day of college... but I wanted to stop and celebrate, and be thankful.

God's faithfulness has been there, every step of the way, and will continue to be...

thoughtfully -

Monday, April 20, 2009

Daybook for 20 April

Simple Woman's Daybook
April 20, 2009

Outside my Window… the sun is setting on a chilly, rainy day.

I am thinking… about a way to get past a writing block on this particular paper on the Trinity.

From the learning rooms… The Harpist is 90% done with her big senior project on the Welsh language and is working on pre-calc. Reedy Girl is working through several Algebra problems, science and doing some reading for English (reading the "original" Beauty and the Beast.) And I am writing a paper on the Trinity!

I am thankful for… my husband, who is home brewing today.

From the kitchen…chicken in the crockpot.

I am wearing… jeans and a sweater - didn't turn the heat on even though the house is in the 60s.

I am creating… a plan for my flower beds in my head. And maybe I will try tomatoes again...straw bale gardening?? or upside down tomato pots?

I am reading… a whole bunch of theological articles, journals and books, and trying to figure out when to read "real" books.

I am hearing… the dryer buzzing.

Around the house... 3 students, 1 brewer, 3 snoozing cats, 1 basking snake

One of my favorite things… listening to a warbler or wren senerade.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… fencing Monday and Saturday for the girls, deep water aerobics Tuesday and Thursday for me; a paper due Saturday, another one Monday... a concert Thursday (the Harpist's final concert at high school) and maybe a haircut if I can schedule it. And sometime in the next week, an anniversary dinner (22 years!) with my best friend.

A Picture Thought I am Sharing:
Someone is glad that Reedy Girl is back from band tour...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Five: Household Appliances Edition

I'm enjoying a short lunch break from paper writing, so I thought I'd play along...

Just for perspective's sake, I went surfing to find the photo at left... Imagine it with crockery inside, and tins of flour, sugar and salt in the middle cabinet, then painted in a lovely shade of battleship grey or brindle, and you'll have the "dream kitchen" of my great-grandmother...

Sally from RevGals writes: As I write this I am waiting for my new dishwasher to be delivered, it along with my washing machine and vacuum cleaner are household appliances that I consider indispensable! Others not so much, we decided not to replace our tumble drier when the old one finally gave out last year, and I can honestly say I haven't really missed it. My hubby Tim and I often disagree about which household appliances are really necessary and which ones aren't, we also enjoy a few luxury items, my one of favorites is a juicer, and Tim's is our all singing all dancing filter coffee maker- it has a thermos jug so the coffee stays nice and hot without the aid if a heat element. So being in a domestic frame of mind I thought I'd ask...

1. What is the one appliance you simply couldn't be without? Hard one. I love my microwave and my gas range. But to be realistic, the range. I've yet to make microwave cookies that pass muster.

2. What if anything would you happily give up? Um. The toaster?

3. What is the most strangest household appliance you own? We had an electric donut maker (wedding present) for a while. I think it stopped working. It made cake donuts... not especially good ones.

4. What is the most luxurious household appliance you own? Probably the bread maker. I can make bread in the oven, but it's great to toss in a loaf and then go do something else.

5. Tell us about your dream kitchen- the sky is the limit here....
wow. Really, REALLLYYYYY???

OK, I'd like this one:

Or this one:

Or this one.... I LOVE this one!!!

Hey, it's my blog and I'll dream if I want to!

OK, break's over, back to my typing dungeon...


Thursday, April 16, 2009

My NPR Name

See the full story here at Liana's blog...

So finally, after years of Fresh Air sign-off ambitions, we came up with a system for creating our own NPR Names. Here’s how it works: You take your middle initial and insert it somewhere into your first name. Then you add on the smallest foreign town you’ve ever visited.

So I’m Liarna Kassel. And Eric is Jeric Bath. I even have a new nickname for my little brother in Dylsan Rosarita.

Then this makes me:
Debgorah Dorlar.

You heard it hear first.
Reporting live this evening from Maryland, I'm Debgorah Dorlar...

Into the typing dungeon I go...

SUCH a helper. At least my papers won't blow away... See you during study breaks!

Peace out-

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

one light shines
one life given
one thought spoken
one heart broken

not in silence
nor in darkness
but in the presence of the Light
I find

I am not focusing
on the shadows
or what you think you see
in me
but in
God's heart
God's voice
God's vision
God's Word.

I look
to You.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rounding the final turn...

OK, OK, vacation's over. I did get a lot done! I read a couple hundred pages of books and articles for paper #2 and finished 2 exegetical papers.

What's left on the DO-List?

2 research papers, 10-12 pages EACH (WOOT! I had the page requirements wrong, shorter than I first believed!)
0 exegetical outlines from one of the Gospels
0 systematic theology essays
0 books on pastoral theology (book reports)
2 reflective essays
0 sacramental doctrine essay
1 group project (forgot this on my original list... probably because I HATE working on group projects. HATE them.)

Everything's due in the next few weeks... And then, a few days to work in my flowerbeds and be a real person until the next semester starts.

What I can't figure out, though, are the people who keep telling me that I will "miss" this...

Really? REALLY? I'm... speechless...


He Is Risen!



Monday, April 06, 2009

Life's a Beach

I just have to say, the beach is place where God brings more peace and restoration to my heart than any other place on earth...

The seas have lifted up, LORD,
the seas have lifted up their voice;
the seas have lifted up their pounding waves.

Mightier than the thunder of the great waters,
mightier than the breakers of the sea—
the LORD on high is mighty.

Psalm 93:3-4

= o =

The random placement of driftwood and the windblown sand during a stroll on the beach.

Resting in the sand, two gull eggs warm in the sun.

I love the natural beauty here. The sound of the wind in the palm branches. Bird calls. Stars that are brighter than the streetlights...

And at the end of the day, a quiet, peaceful sunset from the porch swing watching the sun go down.

Thank you, God, for the beach...

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Friday Five: time out edition

Sally from RevGalBlogPals writes:

Holy Week is almost upon us, I suspect that ordained or not, other revgal/pals calendars look a bit like mine, FULL, FULL, FULL........

Jesus was great at teaching us to take time out, even in that last week, right up to Maundy Thursday he withdrew, John's gospel tells us he hid! He hid not because he was afraid, but because he knew that he needed physical, mental and spiritual strength to get through...

So faced with a busy week:

1. What restores you physically?
Chill time. Time "off the clock" so to speak, where I don't have deadlines, phone calls, emails or tasks. I'm doing it this week since I'm on vacation with my husband and kids.

2. What strengthens you emotionally/ mentally?
Being able to talk and listen to good friends. Friends that don't have an agenda, aren't responsible to or for me, and we can just be. I've got three great ones in Dana, Marina and Terry.

3. What encourages you spiritually?
Music. And in a variety of styles, from contemporary to rock to classical.

4. Share a favourite poem or piece of music from the coming week.

Did you feel the mountains tremble? by Delirious

5.There may be many services for you to attend/ lead over the next week, which one are you most looking forward to and why? If there aren't do you have a favourite day in Holy week if so which one is it?
I would hazard a guess and say Easter Sunday. The joy. The promise. The hope...

Peace and joy to all-

Thursday, April 02, 2009

typed out

It's springtime in DC and I am so ready for...

...no more papers
...sleeping in
...leisure reading
...a day off
...the semester to be over

What's left?
2 research papers, 15-20 pages EACH
2 exegetical outlines from one of the Gospels
0 systematic theology essays
0 books on pastoral theology (book reports)
3 reflective essays
0 sacramental doctrine essay

I figured it out. I have only 10 "big" research papers left in my master's degree before I graduate. Wooo hooooOOOOO!

Celebrating the little things...

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I didn't know Moses was on Facebook!

See: MosesFacebook

Who doesn't get all the jokes, but has had enough coffee to laugh...