Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Final Encore...

Another milestone... This year is full of them. The Harpist graduates from high school. Reedy Girl finishes middle school and heads to the crowded halls.

However, tonight's milestone was the last high school concert for The Harpist. A few pictures (indulge a mama, will you?)

Pre-concert tuning... The Harpist getting harp, music and harpist in the same place. (Important!)

Being recognized as one of the seniors... (standing, center rear)

Giving her senior speech.... (center)

Celebrating their teacher, (center) who is a mentor, musician and all-round nice person. She deserves more than roses!! The Harpist is there with the other seniors. (standing at left)

Way to go!!! We are proud of you!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

She is beautiful!

Betsy said...

She looks lovely! How proud you must be :-)

My just turned 11 y.o. son has been playing the harp for a year; I'd been wondering if high school orchestras (should he still be doing it then) ever have harps in them; now I know!

Deb said...

Betsy... depends on your school district. You also have to be good at adapting parts (or helping him until he learns how to do that.) If he plays lever harp, he will learn how to flip FAST. And every conductor gets a short lesson in how many sharps/flats she can play in, based on how the harp is tuned (i.e. - flat the Bs and Es? can play up to 5 sharps...) You also have to educate conductors that piano reductions don't work, since harpists only use 3 fingers plus thumb, not all fingers...

Hopefully she will find a place to play in college.

20 days left in her senior year!