Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rounding the final turn...

OK, OK, vacation's over. I did get a lot done! I read a couple hundred pages of books and articles for paper #2 and finished 2 exegetical papers.

What's left on the DO-List?

2 research papers, 10-12 pages EACH (WOOT! I had the page requirements wrong, shorter than I first believed!)
0 exegetical outlines from one of the Gospels
0 systematic theology essays
0 books on pastoral theology (book reports)
2 reflective essays
0 sacramental doctrine essay
1 group project (forgot this on my original list... probably because I HATE working on group projects. HATE them.)

Everything's due in the next few weeks... And then, a few days to work in my flowerbeds and be a real person until the next semester starts.

What I can't figure out, though, are the people who keep telling me that I will "miss" this...

Really? REALLY? I'm... speechless...



Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

At least you can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I miss college...but not enough to go back.

Mandy said...

Really - people are telling you that you'll miss it? Miss the camaraderie that you seen to have found (totally believable) or the intense and overwhelming juggling act that's required of you any time your eyes are open (MUCH harder to believe)???

Either way - hang in there. I promise that the light at the end of the tunnel is NOT an oncoming train.

1-4 Grace said...

I always hated group stuff too. You end up having to work with people who do nto share your interests, work ethics, or since of responsability.
Then I realized it is preparation for life in the church. UGH!
The worst part is when your grade is dependent on you and others as well.At least God is full of grace and we don't get a grade in the end. At least i dont think we do!