Thursday, July 21, 2005

Wash away those stains...

Four days of painting... one outfit. It bears the stains of my work!
- primer
- ceiling
- wall colors (2)
- trim
- closet doors

Yup, it is now a technicolor shirt and jeans outfit! Thankfully, I've washed it and the smell that came with those colors is gone. But the stains remain.

The immediate parallel that came to my mind was the forgiveness but the lingering effects of sin. My sins are washed away by accepting Jesus' death for me. But the 'stains' (or scars, if you will) are still there.

As time goes on, the paint stains will weather and become smaller, but they will never completely go away. The guilt and shame are gone - the visible reminders of what I've done will crop up from time to time... but come the day I go to heaven, they will be gone!

OK so you might think that is too restrictive a belief system. I guess one day we will find out who's right... I'm banking on my Savior...

How clean is your shirt?

From our home to yours...


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