Sunday, December 11, 2005

It's a Story of Sin...

Advent Devo Part 2: The week of December 11th

“…I didn’t like to mention it before (he being your brother and all) but the moment I set eyes on that brother of yours I said to myself ‘Treacherous,’ [said Mr. Beaver.] “He had the look of one who has been with the Witch and eaten her food. You can always tell them if you’ve lived long in Narnia; something in their eyes.”

“All the same,” said Peter in a rather choking sort of voice, “we’ll still have to go and look for him. …”

“Go to the Witch’s House?” said Mrs. Beaver. “Don’t you see that the only chance of saving either him or yourselves is to keep away from her?...”

…You mustn’t think that even now Edmund was quite so bad that he actually wanted his brother and sisters to be turned into stone. He did want Turkish Delight and to be a Prince (and later a King) and to pay Peter out for calling him a beast. As for what the Witch would do with the others, he didn’t want her to be particularly nice to them – certainly not to put them on the same level as himself; but he managed to believe, or to pretend he believed, that she wouldn’t do anything very bad to them, “Because,” he said to himself, “all these people who say nasty things about her are her enemies and probably half of it isn’t true. She was jolly nice to me, anyway, much nicer than they are. I expect she is the rightful Queen really. Anyway, she’ll be better than that awful Aslan!” At least, that was the excuse he made in his own mind for what he was doing. It wasn’t a very good excuse, however, for deep down inside him he really knew that the White Witch was bad and cruel.

From The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Book 2 of The Chronicles of Narnia
by C.S. Lewis.

When Edmund’s deception and lies are discovered, the children begin to understand the danger they are facing. Jadis, the White Witch, not only wants to capture them, she wants to usurp their rightful positions as heirs to the throne of Narnia. She fears the prophecies’ fulfillment because she knows it will end her power there.

Jadis uses intimidation, lies, mocking and manipulation to persuade Edmund that Aslan is a cruel dictator. She suggests that it is not only difficult to know who is ‘right’, but it is best to play it safe and depend on someone powerful (like herself) to defend and protect Edmund’s future. She plays to Edmund’s pride, selfishness and greed. He decides, with some degree of fear, to succumb to these very human temptations. In doing so, he becomes a traitor and violates the laws of Narnia. Unfortunately it is the Law of the land of Narnia– the traitor pays for his deception with his own life!

Daily Scripture Readings

Day One: Genesis 2:4-17 Romans 2:1-11 Hosea 6:1-7
Day Two: Genesis 2:18-25 Romans 3:21-26 Hosea 11:1-12
Day Three: Genesis 3:1-7 Romans 4:13-25 Hosea 14:1-7
Day Four: Genesis 3:8-13 I Cor. 15:20-28 Malachi 1:6-11
Day Five: Genesis 3:14-:24 I Cor 15:45-58 Malachi 3:1-4
Gospel: Matthew 2:1-18


O God our Father,
Who has set forth the way of life for us in Thy beloved Son:
We confess with shame our slowness to learn of Him,
Our reluctance to follow Him.
Thou hast spoken and called, and we have not given heed;
Thy beauty has shone forth and we have been blind;
Thou has stretched out Thy hands to us through our fellows and we have passed by.
We have taken great benefits with little thanks;
We have been unworthy of Thy changeless love.
Have mercy upon us and forgive us, O Lord.

From the Covenant Service, Celtic Daily Prayer © 2000 Harper San Francisco,

Northumbria Community Trust. p. 316


  • The contemporary worship band Jars of Clay wrote these words: “Give to the wind your fear; hope and be undismayed. God hears your sighs and counts your tears. God will lift up your head.” Where you personally struggle with sin or fear, know that our Heavenly Father does hear your sighs and count your tears! Express them to Him now and thank Him for walking through them with you.
  • Like Mr. Beaver, we may be able to see “that look” in someone’s eyes – someone who is living a life that is “Treacherous”. Do you know someone who is still seeking God? Pray for sensitive, caring words as you live out your faith in front of them this week.
  • Know your weaknesses. Where do you most easily succumb to sin? Is it pride? A desire for power? Anger? Selfishness? Ask God to help you see your sin as He sees it, to look to Him for forgiveness and to use the power of the Holy Spirit live in a way that that pleases Him.

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