Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Poetry Party: Illuminated from Within

Yes, yes, I know... I have a paper to finish. But even the most diligent student takes a moment to read and write and journal... read on!!

I haven't managed to get to a Poetry Party in a while, but this one captured me. The picture is from Abbey of the Arts. The photo is one that reminded her of the women she met at a recent retreat... The theme is "Illuminated from Within." Play along if you wish...

Illuminated from Within
Deb Vaughn

I am rooted, grounded, just awakened
The layers covering me still cold, still inhospitable.
I look up. I feel the Call...

I am Called to grow...
to push through dead leaves and melted snow...
I am Called to reach...
to weather winds and chill and whimsical change.

I am undaunted.
A late snow only slows my bloom.
A restless winter chills my growth.
A slug gnaws at my leaves.

I know my purpose.
I am heeding my Call.
I reach for the Son.
I am. Blooming.

Cut me down if you wish.
Transplant me.
Divide me from my closely growing friends...
I will re-root.
I will re-grow.

I know my purpose.
I am heeding my Call.
I reach for the Son.
I will bloom in season.

1 comment:

Abbey of the Arts said...

Deb, thanks for this wonderful poem and its images of following the call to bloom. I love your closing line, a good reminder that there are seasons for our lives. Blessings to you, Christine