Friday, September 02, 2005

Closet Secrets

I know everyone has them. The closets that you pray NO ONE will look into because they are toal disaster areas. I have named 2 closets in our house, to the amusement of my kids. The front hall closet is called "The Black Hole", and my closet is "The Pit of Despair".

"The Black Hole" never seems to stay organized. I've tried every trick, gotten bins, special hangers and labeled boxes. I've drawn up a "map" of where things go. I've hung silly signs. My family is not functionally illiterate, just organizationally challenged.

I understand their rationale: "I'll just stick this here and get it later." OOHHH!!! BAD IDEA! "Later" never happens!!!

I have discovered no organizational scheme works... EXCEPT this one: every other month, I clean out and reorganize it. (I've chosen the 'even' months, but it doesn't really matter!) On the appointed day, everything comes out of that closet: coats, boots, camera, craft supplies, school supplies, cleaning supplies, and more. Somehow, there is always a bag of trash, a bag of giveaways, and a bag to put away where it belongs! Every single time? Yup.

The closet seems to have magic powers of multiplication for everything except money! No wait, THAT'S not true! I found $20 squirreled away in a winter coat!


I'm sure you are looking for some grand spiritual connection. There is none, other than de-cluttering your heart with God... don't let the junk pile up.

From our home to yours...


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Anonymous said...

Yo girl. I'm with you. No junk, just Jesus. cool.