Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Something in the fridge is growing hair!

It never fails. I make a list, go to the grocery, and in a week, something in the fridge is growing "hair". Well - not really hair - I guess it sounds better than wild funky mold spores.

Fact: one mold spore can recolonize a whole fridge. Who knew? I've cleaned and bleached it. Still it grows hair. I've emptied and rinsed it with boiling water. Still it grows hair. Gee, isn't THIS uplifting. And appetizing!

Much like the example of the yeast in I Corinthians 5, I've got an ugly metaphor for the sin in my life. Oh, my tendency to sin will never go away completely. But I am noticing, that, as I grow along with Christ, I'm getting a little better at seeing my sin earlier in the process. I will struggle - - and keep on growing. Just like the hairy vegetables in my fridge, it doesn't get as bad before I notice and work to clean things up...

Here's to a hairy-free fridge! And the promise of an eternal (sin free) life!

From our home to yours...


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