Thursday, October 20, 2005


In September of 2003, my husband and I started the application process for his mom to move closer to us. Though she has been living an apartment not too far from us for the last year, she was actually in a 'holding pattern', waiting for her number to come up in a life-care community. Now, 2 years after the process began, we have come to moving day! It will be a day of frustrations, confusion, and unfortunately, rain showers!

All I could think of was what had happened in the process of meeting this much-anticipated mile marker. In the waiting, there has been illness, surgery, grief, vacations, misunderstandings, celebrations, birthdays, Christmas, middle school graduation, concerts, hurricanes, thunderstorms and finally... a move. In the midst of the highs and lows of the last months, inspite of worries and joys, God has been there and has been faithful.

What is hardest to spell out for the cynical and the angry person is how God has helped me cope. He has. I have laughed hard, cried often and loved much. I've had supportive friends at each wobble in my course. I've stayed married - no small feat in today's world. I have read His Word and found encouragement; I have neglected my prayer life and heard His love for me anyway. Obviously, this Love one does not earn!

In a way, my calendar is no more or no less busy than any other woman or mother. I don't have high-flying clients. I don't have a nanny or maid. I don't have a fancy wardrobe or a facelift... but I do have Love in my life. Unending Love. Undeserved Love. Unexpected Love.

I looked at my calendar for next week, trying to gauge what's ahead. A mammogram. Ah, there's pause for thought and a few anxious 'what ifs'??? Yet, in spite of what is or is not going to show up on a piece of film, God will be there. And for all the other milemarkers ahead in my life? Yup. He's there for those, too...

From our home to yours...

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