Monday, January 30, 2006

Back to the Basics

I never thought I'd be back to basic floor scrubbing. I mean, YICK!

In the days of SwiftersTM and battery-powered floor cleaners, I had to ask myself, "WHY??" I just spent quite a bit of time this afternoon on my hands and knees, removing ground-in dirt off of the kitchen floor. The floor DOES look a lot better after all that "elbow grease"! It seems that no time saving device that I know of is able to really do the job (not even the latest gadget).

Scrub. Rinse. Repeat. Yup. That's it.

Lots of stuff in life has to go "back to the basics". A figure skating coach starts with edges and balance. An equestrian has to think "head, heels, hands". A musician must focus on counting (one-and-two-and...), scales, arpeggios and music theory. If you don't start with the basics, you end up going back to un-learn bad habits. And that is NO fun!

In my life with God, it's the basics that make the difference! The mundane stuff I know I need (my spiritual vitamins?) are the basics that keep me going on the right path. I could say that I "don't need" to do all that basic stuff any more - but I would be very wrong. The "basics" in my Christian life are simple: prayer, the Word, fellowship and witnessing. (Any of you Navigator disciples out there will recognize those four spokes of the wheel!)

I'm keying in on my Scripture memory again. Practicing all the things I know I'm supposed to do: read it, write it, say it, see it, review it... Back to the basics. And you know what? It's not drudgery at all! There's joy in the journey.

"Therefore... let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us" (Hebrews 12:1b)

From our home to yours...

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