Sunday, July 02, 2006

No More DIY Shows!

There should be a warning with every DIY or home improvement show:


Talk about instant coveting... (which is kinda up there on the Big Ten) I have to remember that I don't have a thousand bucks for fixing up every room in the house (or a weekend to do each room!) Not to mention that I have limitations in my strength, artistic shortcomings and a deficient skill level in using power tools...

I know there's a balance between having a home that is welcoming vs. being a model home that you're afraid to sit on the furniture. Having a disaster area vs. looking like Mr. Clean lives there. (We don't own a white couch, so I think I'm good on that one.) There's just a lot of projects I would like to see DONE around here. It is hard to take them one at a time... without losing a finger or my husband in the process.

It goes back to being content with where we are, with what we have, with what God is asking us to do -- NOW.

Little lessons in baby steps... I'm getting there.

From our home to yours,


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