Sunday, July 09, 2006

Who figures this stuff out???

I mean, it boggles the mind!!!!!

We have a palette of paint chips from BRAND X paint company. Who was the genius who figured out the names for ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY (yes! 140!!) colors of OFF-WHITE paints! Who knew? Who cared? And is there really a difference between "iced pearls" and "iced sky"? Really?

(Now, you're probably wondering WHY we counted all those colors. After about 10 pages of color chips, we couldn't believe there could be that many shades of off-white. So yes, we counted the pages and multiplied by the number of samples...)

Why is one color of light blue darker than the other? Will I have a cooler, hipper house if I use "Malibu blue" vs "blue hydrangea"? I won't discuss the colors of brown. We came up with our own names after a few years of parenthood.

It's even descended to boxes of Crayons now. They are not selling colors, they are selling a life style.


OK. Don't please.

All I know is, I had tears in my eyes from laughing at paint colors. Either I am really not tuned in to what is cool, or we really need to get out more.

from our home to yours...


P.S. Happy Birthday to CJ!

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