Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Favorite Things...

Cheesehead tagged everyone who visited and admits it... so I guess I'm it!

I am doing the Favorite Things meme. Consider this a random list, in no way exhaustive:

  • my beloved and kids
  • cats fur and purrs
  • fall leaves
  • the beach
  • a hot tub in the Alps! :)
  • chocolate
  • rain on the leaves
  • the smell of bread baking
  • kids laughing
  • singing, playing, listening to music
  • celtic music
  • actually, just about ANY kind of music (NOTE: Rap doesn't count as "music")
  • a shelf full of books to read and a week to read them
  • shredding Turabian, one page at a time (target date: May 2009!)
  • football and a beer
  • Ohio State football (with or without beer)
  • family
  • laughing - hard - long - frequently
  • writing (NOT papers)
  • puns
  • surprises (nice ones)
  • bun warmers in my car on a cold day
  • hanging with my buds
  • Henri Nouwen
  • Psalms
  • Christmas lights
  • waves crashing at the beach
  • the wind in the palm trees
  • crickets
And... if you read this... I tag YOU!


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