Sunday, June 08, 2008


It's hot.
Stinking hot.
I intensely dislike hot weather.
And now, I have to go run some errands.
And it's hot.
And the car is hot.
And the seats are hot.
And I don't want to go.

Did I mention it's hot?




Presbyterian Gal said...

There is only stinking hot. There is no "pleasantly hot"; "rapturously hot" or "divinely hot".

Nope. Just stinking hot.

Sending virtual cool breezes your way.....

She Rev said...

I need to look at the weather maps around the country. I have heard several grumbles from my east coast friends today. Something yucky must be going on over there.

We are having probably our first really pleasant 77-degree day here. I'm loving it. Don't get mad though; it was bitter cold way too long in these parts this year. We've more than earned our 77.

Anyway, my occasional services book doesn't have any such Scripture suggestions. I've got some prayers I'll pick and choose from (or use as inspiration for my own). I'd love to see some of the Scripture options to sprinkle around the service. I know I will use yesterday's gospel lectionary piece in some way since I made reference to such usage in my sermon yesterday!

Love the glass idea. Might have to hit a craft store to see what I can come up with. Did the writing/markings go away pretty quickly or what it more of an "eventually" kind of thing?