Sunday, August 03, 2008

I hate the phone


I don't like the phone.

I especially don't like phoning to recruit or schmooze or "survey" or otherwise do visitor follow-up. Or persuade other people that it is a great "ministry" to do it so that I don't have to...

It's a problem because it is now becoming a large part of my work as a pastoral underling (aka "associate pastor.") I am recruiting, training and "empowering" people to do it...

SOooo... what about the things I am passionate about in ministry???

Teaching? very little.
Preaching? non-existent to barely ever.

If you'd pray for my attitude and a miraculous change of heart... to loving "cold calls" (which is what this feels like) I'd appreciate it...
Because that what's on my plate this week, and I really REALLY don't want to do it...

And that sucketh mightily.

Just sayin'.


Presbyterian Gal said...

When you really really really HATE something, then, darlin', it's time to play.

Cold calling is really hard. You need to pull your imagination in and get playful. Like you're calling a long lost elementary school friend. Or a long lost relative who knows a huge family secret.

After awhile you'll start to have more fun with what it actually is. Phone fellowship and getting to know people.

Singing Owl said...

Well, that was good advice from PK! I'm glad, because I didn't have any. ;-) But I will pray.