Saturday, August 02, 2008

That flippin' calendar...

I finally got around to flipping the calendar to August. (OK, so I'm slow. Sue me.)

It's good and it's bad. It means that I'm almost done with another semester. It means that the fall schedule with its intense busy-ness for the rest of the family starts up again... soon. VERY soon.

Reedy Girl saw the awful words "1st day of school" and said, "NO NO NO NO!!!!" Her only consolation is that my semester starts before hers.

I feel her pain. Even though my summer schedule, in some ways, is worse than the school year, I've enjoyed knowing that the girls are around during the days.

Time is flying by... in a little over three weeks...
The Harpist will be starting her senior year in high school.
Reedy Girl will starting her last year of middle school.
I will start another year of divinity (FUDGE!) school. (I always want to put that word after "divinity"!)

To quote Mayor McShinn's wife in The Music Man...


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Presbyterian Gal said...

This summer had indeed sped by so fast. As if it hardly mattered! The cheek!