Sunday, July 19, 2009

Taking the other road...

Instead of obsessing about my paper (due this evening), I blew it off to go see Star Trek with my husband and kids. I know, I know. Just about everyone else has seen it. What can I say?

At any rate, mission accomplished. We saw it in the itty-bitty theatre at the multi-plex, a sure sign that it was about to leave the theaters. It was grand. Enjoyable. Altruistic. Funny. And had enough of that Star Trek ethos to make me happy.

The paper got submitted with 30 minutes to spare. I probably missed some typos and didn't get my Turabian formatted 100% correctly. But quite honestly, I don't mind.

Now, if I could drop the angst on this Church History final that's next weekend (and for which I have not studied, not even one paragraph or dateline) that'd be... perfection.

But I'll settle for a B.

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mompriest said...

Sounds like you have done exactly what you should have!