Monday, February 20, 2006

A Fit of Organization

In a fit of organization over the weekend, we sorted through several boxes of 'Delaware stuff' from my husband's family home. My, my. The packrack gene is dominant on BOTH sides of the family. This could be vewy vewy scary.

We managed to part with several boxes of things which probably should have gone straight to Salvation Army. But at the time, that decision could not be made. It was too soon after closing the house; too soon after his dad's death. I understand this; time helps.

The whole purpose of this exercise is because we want to work on finishing the basement. There is no room to work on the room itself because we've used it as a dumping ground; we HAVE to clear it out first. Progress has been slow, but I see more of the floor, and the kids commented that we can actually WALK throught the room -- so I guess we ARE making progress!! Eventually, we will have to move everything out and start over. REALLY start over! Once the contractor is booked, the decisions have to be made. That day is coming soon.

I'm in the midst of a lot of decisions right now. Some I can make on the fly; others are taking more time and thought. And some - well, they are not my decisions to make!! The wisdom I am learning is how to tell the difference...

from our home to yours...

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