Monday, February 27, 2006

Static on the line...

Recently I had a chance to test whether or not I was suited to a specific church and ministry or ministries. It seemed ideal: I liked the senior pastor and his philosophy of ministry, I could work flexible hours, they would sponsor me for ordination, AND they would cover part of my seminary tuition. Wow! What's not to like?? It was so exciting! (And flattering! They like me! They really like me!) I did my pro/con decision tree and then sat down to pray.


I went back and read more Scripture, prayed more. Asked for prayer from Godly friends whom I knew would beseech heaven for me.

Static on the line...

OK, I thought, I just need to persevere in prayer and wait on God's answer. I let it rest a couple of days, went about my daily routine, and tried not to obsess about it. My husband was praying. I was waiting and listening.


It seemed like a dial tone, but no response.

And then, I realized there WAS an answer. I was not drawn at all to minister to this congregation. I knew I could work with the senior pastor. In fact, I knew that I had much to learn from him in the coming years as I start my seminary studies. But I was not pulled to work with the people in that particular church. WHY LORD??? They seem so nice! They have a need for someone like me! I prayed for God to make it work, to help me be the person they needed.

His answer could not have been any clearer. No...

But Lord! Look at all the ways this would work SO well for me!

No... Be patient...

Jesus said:
My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. [John 10:27]

It made no sense at all, but I did not accept the invitation to pursue ministry with that lovely, WONDERFUL group of Christians. I still don't understand exactly what the whys and wherefores are. But the Lord knows.

I am listening to His voice... and I'm following. That sounds so, oh, I don't know, out there, so Twilight Zone. But you'll just have to believe me - - He does lead. He does answer. And there is such peace in knowing that to be true!


From our home to yours -

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