Saturday, March 04, 2006

Baby Clothes

For some reason, I kept a whole box of baby clothes. They were carefully folded and packed for the move to our present home. Written on the top of the lids was this: 'packed Mar96 size 0-9 mo' -- TEN YEARS AGO!!!??

What was I thinking? To make it even more amusing, this box has been moved from place to place in our home. From a bedroom, to a closet, to another room, to the basement...

These are not the cutesy, hand-knit sweaters or blankie keepsakes, either, but your basic stretchy suits and pajamas, socks (SOCKS???) and a few dresses. They look pretty good - not new, but not worn out either. Some little pumpkin will be well-dressed!

It's only NOW -- when it is really in the way and the room is going to be remodeled, that I finally was willing to get rid of this stuff. Someone, somewhere, will have great clothes for their baby. And I handed them over without guilt. (OK, maybe a twang of sentimentality... I AM a Mom, after all!)

It took a moment of clear-thinking to let these things go out the door. No excuse of sentimentality justifies it. It was just being lazy with maybe some goofy hormones thrown in...

So what made the difference? Why can I get rid of them now?

Partly it's necessity, and part of it is perspective. I don't anticipate having another baby at this point, nor do I expect grandchildren around the corner. (Lord, are we in agreement on this?) I don't really have room for a box of clothes that aren't needed in the near future. And, there are people around me who NEED clothes for their children. I'm hoarding. I'm being selfish. So, out the door they go! I can serve someone, even though I'll never know who they are, with a box of clothes I was hoarding... Serve by giving away with joy.

Jesus said that if one wanted to be great, that person should be "servant of all". [Mark 9]

Yes, it's only a box of clothes. But it's the attitude of my heart that God is speaking to... to be more open hearted... more open handed... YES - to SERVE! Just imagine what He can do if I'll stop hoarding what I have...


from our home to yours -

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