Sunday, March 19, 2006

Things moms know...

There is a certain body of information that only moms know... (If you don't have kids yet, you might want to skip this post!)

  • the best way to get crayon off of just about anything except the seat of your mom's car
  • how far catsup can splatter
  • the fastest way to clean and dry clothes on a car ride (hint: roll down the window!)
  • the average 9 month old kitten can wear American Girl doll clothes
  • the average 6 year old has four scratches on each arm after dressing 9 month old kittens in American Girl doll clothes
  • five-year-olds can name the genus and species of gazillions of dinosaurs, but not remember to pick up their dirty clothes
  • poop happens - in more colors than you knew it could
  • and (while we are on the gross ones) the same can be said for puke (sorry - I warned you...)
  • why you don't buy 8 year old boys their own can of soda (think shaking and fizzing contests...)
  • a pair of socks going into the wash means that you have a 50/50 chance of getting a pair back when the laundry is done
  • it takes longer to fix a meal than it does for your family to eat it
  • a Happy Meal doesn't make kids act that way
  • car washes are a BAD place for the electric window on your car to fail
  • the likelihood of getting spaghetti sauce on your new white blouse is 100%
  • the best bathroom at the mall is NOT in the food court
  • who in the family is the likeliest suspect when all of the mint Girl Scout cookies are gone
  • your baby will burp (loudly) in church during a moment of 'silent reflection'... and everyone will think it is YOU!
  • and... if everyone in the house is sick with the flu, and someone knocks on the door, the only one who will be able to stagger to the door is.... MOM!
No grand spiritual insight here, just laughter and the joy of the Lord...

from our home to yours,

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Sarah said...

I've got the different colors of poop down! I'll make sure to reference this post when I experience the other lovely mommy things.