Friday, December 15, 2006


In emails with my family in Ohio, I found out that they have their last day of school TODAY (December 15th) with a nice long 2 week break. Of course, here in suburbia and in the land of the perpetual classroom, we only have a week... Which is OK, I guess, if one can believe that any "education" will occur next week. Harpy Girl does have a test and project due, but not at the end of the week, more towards the middle. Such is life - I try not to gripe too much. Teaching is an underpaid and unappreciated profession, and I try to support my kids' teachers as much as I can.

And then I get this email from Reedy Girl's middle school PTA:
Volunteers are needed for an "Educational Movie Day" on December 22. The entire school will watch Akeela and the Bee and parents are needed to assist with popcorn and water distribution. If you are available to help from 11-12:30 on Friday, December 22 please e-mail NAME DELETED at EMAIL DELETED.

Thank you!

The premise for this "educational movie day" is the fact that parents pull their kids out of school to (HORRORS!!!!) travel and see (GASP!!) family... Others take their kids away on a vacation, so that they can prepare for the next semester of powerhouse test prep. The kids have said for years that nothing happens the week before vacation. Few tests, little homework. Everyone is just marking time. Yet the days are on the calendar so that we fulfill the holy quotient of Ye State of Marylande.

Harrumph!!!!! (I think I'll just yell.)

For this we pay disgustingly high taxes...



Cathy said...

I can tell you the teachers probably are screaming inside having school next week. It's hectic and the students are wound up excited for the holidays.
Not only that it takes a while to wind down and relax for the holidays.
I wonder if this one week holiday is something new in your neck of the woods.

Deb said...

Nope. It's been this way at least the last 11 years that we have had students in this school system. Some years we even have school up to the 23rd!

I know the teachers don't like it. HOWEVER - in the contract they negotiated they have full day work days to do grades and report cards (all computerized). So in a way, all of the union's demands have created this situation. And no one likes the results!