Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm a little peahen...

Christine of Abbey of the Arts has offered a little poetry challenge this week. I am going to take her up on it!

Here's her challenge:

I had such fun with my first Invitation to Poetry posted a couple of weeks ago and loved reading all of your contributions so here is another invitation for you, my wonderful readers, to add your own words to the image below. This is a simple collage I made in about five minutes during a design elements class I took while at the art retreat, but something about it really speaks to me — the tension between the open cage and the open feathers speak to me of the promise of freedom. What does the image evoke for you?

Freed from the cage that bound me
Freed from the cramped quarters
the rules
the waiting...
Allowed to wander
to seek the path You designed...
My life a patchwork of seeming sameness...
block here.
block there.
day in.
day out.

"Peahens don't strut," you say.
"They don't have the need to.
It wouldn't be natural.
So, just get used to that cage
and be happy."

Wait - God unlocks the door! I spread my wings!
I show my stuff!
And wonder why I didn't see
for all those years
that I was ready to fly...



T J said...

Not to detract from your poem (which I enjoyed), but: we saw a peahen with trailing babies at the Albuquerque Zoo a few weeks ago. It was neat - I'd never seen peababies before!

Abbey of the Arts said...

Thanks so much for this beautiful contribution Deb. It has been such a delight to read everyone's wise and whimsical words.

revabi said...

Well little Peahen, fly away, Well written.