Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A year done... two to go...

I have been working on my official "ADP" ("Approved Degree Plan" -- and I had to look up what ADP meant!) for seminary. The school recently changed the list of courses it would likely be offering in the next two year cycle. This means that I have to re-configure when I'm taking what. This fall's classes are set:

  • Models of Biblical Discipleship
  • Preparation of Biblical Messages
  • and interning (which is wisely called "Spiritual Formation 2" -- because if you are not being shaped in the process of serving God, there is something really really wrong with you.)

I have a lot of required courses, but the issue is actually which courses I will use to pad the pile as my electives. Some of the electives are focused in directions I don't really care to go in... and some I am not able to take because I am electing to complete an M.A. not an M.Div. This is already my second Master's Degree... I just can't see doing the "eternal student" gig at the tender age of 50-something. And no, I ain't going for a PhD or D.Min. I don't like writing or verbal fertilizer that much.

I've completed requirements in:
  • NT and OT
  • Languages
  • Basic ministerial (Church and Ministry, Church Admin.)

Definitely in the hopper:
  • CPE (next summer, I hope)
  • Pastoral Theology and Systematic Theology
  • Required amounts of Philosophy of Religion, Missiology and Church History (yerg)
That leaves about 12 hours of "eh, I guess I can take that class since it fits..."

So I humbly request any thoughts you have on "wish I woulda taken" or "don't EVEN bother" courses for your model seminarian.



Lorna said...

hi, thanks for stopping off at my place with words of encouragement.

I have no idea what's on offer at your place ... but it's important to follow your heart and interests and giftings. If there's something about the Holy Spirit (not dry and boring but real and spirit filled) I'd take that ... and also investigate mission shaped church in whatever you can.

if that makes sense?

Rev Kim said...

Well, I'll pass along advice that my pastor gave to me when I went to seminary. He encouraged me to take as much as I could the courses that I could get in seminary but no where else, like biblical studies and theology. That approach really worked for me, but then I really enjoyed those areas. An added bonus is if the courses have a practical element to them. For example, I took a Galatians course for which the final project was to create either a sermon series or adult ed series. The prof specifically designed this so that we would have something that we could use in the parish. Like I said, this really worked for me. It helped my formation, and I've also found that as I look at con-ed offerings, there isn't so much in those two areas.

If you haven't already, I'd encourage you to take a preaching elective or two. I took two during my Th.M. because they worked in well with my program. While I hadn't anticipated this benefit, when I began interviewing and candidating for a call I then had four sermons that had been delivered and critiqued and that I felt really comfortable with. It took pressure off of having to create something brand new in a stressful time.

So for what it's worth, that's my two cents!

Sue said...

Is there a feminist theology course offered? That is one that I still treasure having taken.

Deb said...

Hmmm... OK. I will look into what is offered in the "feminist" arena. Regent is not exactly what one would call a hotbed of feminist theologians... (she says politely because they upped her scholarship this year...) the plus side to it is that one does NOT have to be of a particular denominational stripe to attend and get funding... the negative side is... well, you probably know already.

The theology classes are not as practical as one would like but I hear what you are saying... I will ponder more...

Keep those comments coming..

Rev Scott said...

I took a course at Luther Seminary on "God, Evil and Suffering" that has been very helpful in present days. If something similar is offered at Regent you might do well to investigate it.

Chelley said...

I'd add a recommendation for a preaching module, for something based around mission and for as many biblical elements as you can fit in. And maybe if you love liturgy etc getting a bit more on that - I did some great stuff on unusual liturgies for not-run-of-the-mill pastoral situations!