Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Five: What's In A Name?

RevHRod of RevGalBlogPals writes:

If you are a regular reader of Songbird's blog, you know that "The Princess" has requested a new name. Her older brother changed his "secret identity" a while back and now this lovely young lady is searching for a new name on her mother's blog. This got me to thinking. How do we come up with all of these names? There must be at least a few good stories out there.

In honor of the Princess I have posted a picture of one of my favorite members of fictional royalty, Robert Munch's "Paperback Princess." She is a brave young woman who doesn't need anyone else to fight her battles. And she knows that what is most important isn't tiaras and finery but what's on the inside. If you haven't read this little fairy tale, I highly recommend it. But I digress.

1. So how did you come up with your blogging name? And/or the name of your blog? In another lifetime, I was a music teacher. And then a music therapist. And then... a music (worship) director. My life has seemed to fall around music. (I would say "great works" but don't want to sound too presumptuous. Or play loose with soteriology.) And since what I'm doing is so "in process" -- "Unfinished Symphony" and the parabolic explanation about my blog just kinda fell together.

2. Are there any code names or secret identities in your blog? Any stories there? Well, let's see. My husband is BBS or "Beloved Bearded Spouse." Older daughter is known as "The Harpist" (because she is) and younger daughter is known as "Reedy Girl" because she plays a double reed (oboe) and is reedy in body type. The cats have their own blogs (Polgara and Tiria) and they have their own names for their peeps. You will have to ask them.

3. What are some blog titles that you just love? For their cleverness, drama, or sheer, crazy fun? Well.. let's see... there's Mandy's (I'm sure this is all very interesting...)
and Sarah's (Snapshots and Snippets: finding beauty in the every day)
and Teri's (Clever Title Here).

4. What three blogs are you devoted to? Other than the RevGalBlogPals blog of course!
Mindy!! Because she's Mindy.
Emerging Women. Because I am one.
Crossing the Bridge. Because my problems really seem small when I read about the Persecuted Church.
(But I just want to say... I miss Cub. {{Cub's family...}} )

5. Who introduced you to the world of blogging and why?
Good question. I don't remember!

Bonus question: Have you ever met any of your blogging friends? Where are some of the places you've met these fun folks?
Yes... Friend Deb D I actually met through an on-line parenting group. And Mary Beth and I had a virtual meet-up via phone (she was in D.C. for a convention and I just could not quite make it into town to meet her... boo hoo!!) One of these days I will make it to the Big Event... sigh.

That's my blog and I'm stickin' with it...



chartreuseova said...

I've always liked your blog title. Now I know why. It fits you.

I had trouble coming up with a name for my husband, I guess I could have followed your lead and called him BUS.

RevHRod said...

Love your title and the names for your family. Thanks for playing!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Thank you so much. lol...I never understand why anyone does read me. *snickers*