Monday, March 16, 2009


Borrowed from DebD:

*** For Today March 16, 2009 ***

Outside my Window… a slowly brightening day. There was fog and a damp chill in the air this morning

I am thinking… about how good that shower felt.

From the learning rooms… Beth has an essay draft due and a Pre-Calc quiz, then pit rehearsal after school. CJ is prepping for band tour; she and buddy Susan will appear here after school.

I am thankful for… a quiet space to learn and study today.

From the kitchen…left-overs for dinner - curried chicken courtesy of the Bearded Brewer.

I am wearing… jeans and a comfy shirt for studying.

I am creating… an outline for my next paper.

I am reading… a whole bunch of theological articles, journals and books.

I am hearing… the cat purring in her basket.

Around the house... there's plenty to pick up or clean. But not today!

One of my favorite things… the mug of coffee with hazelnut creamer on my desk

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… deep water aerobics Tuesday and Thursday; a road trip to a church in Philly with my co-workers on Wednesday; many late nights for dd#1 since this is dress rehearsal week for their Beauty and the Beast production; dd#2's oboe lesson sandwiched in between errands, studying, work and home.... I updated the family calendar and it is officially FULL!!!

A Picture Thought I am Sharing:
I am SO glad I don't live here... (but it was fun to visit!)

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DebD said...

You've joined in. It looks like a very full week for you.