Sunday, April 23, 2006

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

...but was it?? You decide...

An unnamed, multi-tasking family member left kitchen "for just a minute" to do a related task while the sink was filling with hot water. ...minutes later, the other family members hear shouts of surprise and "colorful metaphors" and a loud "I NEED HELP HERE!!!" from the other floor of the house.

Now we have clean towels. A clean floor. A clean kitchen counter. A clean under-sink area. A clean basement area under the kitchen. And a lovely working dehumidifier is helping remove all traces of this multi-tasking disaster.

Everyone is trying to look at this positively... no family members were named in the reporting of this incident. We all still love each other.

And you thought life in the 'burbs was boring!!!

from our home to yours...



Anonymous said...

OH!!!!!!! OH!!! OHHHH!!!!

I don't think I've ever laughed so hard. SO... 'fess up. You did this to yourself, didn't you???


Anonymous said...

There's only ONE multi-tasking memeber in that family - right? Said family member is keeping her...err... their mouth shut. tee hee


Deb said...

If you know me, the guilty party could well be ME. Or one of the kids. Or my beloved spouse.

.... so I'll let YOU puzzle that one out!!



Sarah said...

Ooooo...I like the new blog format...very niiiice

Deb said...

Thanks... I think I still like it. It's a little more flag-waving that I realized. But readability is a plus.