Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Things Moms learn... part 2

Feel free to disagree...

  • Moms learn that babies aren't born knowing morning from night, a "reasonable" hour from an "unreasonable" hour. They will learn. And then they will forget this when they are teenagers. [grin]
  • Moms learn that their children might need them in the middle of the night. They learn to give comfort and loving arms. They help their children learn how to go back to sleep. Going back to sleep after night waking is a skill to learn, not something to be punished.
  • Moms learn that they won't be marked for life if they let their children share their bed occasionally. In fact, if the kids are sick, they ALL might sleep a little better. Co-sleeping has been slammed by all kinds of folks as being weird or abnormal. Huh. Western culture is in the minority on this practice...
  • Moms learn that sometimes you need to H.A.L.T. and evaluate what's going on. (See Zig Ziglar's book in a previous entry...) They H.A.L.T. and ask are they - Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired? What part of it is a parenting mistake? (Were you out too late? Was dinner delayed? Are they sick? Have they been away from you for a while? Did you ignore them rushing to get your stuff done around the house?)
  • Moms learn not to worship a "schedule"! It's OK to try to live by a schedule, as long as you learn how to flex. It's not OK to forget that it will affect everyone who lives in the house when you don't plan ahead a little. And it's also NOT a good idea to stick to "the holy and inspired schedule of Mr. Whoozit and his wife Nurse Doozy" -- who does not know you, your spouse, your life and your kids. Trust your judgment.
  • Moms learn that there is NOTHING in the Bible about sleeping schedules and infants. Period. Anyone who teaches that there is has to be doing some serious Scripture-twisting. (There is stuff about sluggards... But I don't think that applies to babies!)
  • Moms learn that there are times when we ALL need help. Help with meals, or cleaning, or just trying to figure out what is "normal". (Sign ME up for that last one!) Tell someone. Tell ANYONE! And get the help you need. BTW - you might discover that your 'baby' is 2 or 22 years old and you need help. There's no age limit on parents needing help.
  • Moms learn that you don't have a regular sleep cycle with a baby in the house. When your kids are teenagers, they won't wake you up in the middle of the night when they're puking or have diarrhea. They'll tell you about it in the morning.
  • Moms learn that when you don't have enough sleep, are too tired to cook and eat right, and your body is still recovering from whatever it has gone through (illness, childbirth, emotional stress, houseguests, parties, too many hours on the job) that you need to give yourself a break. Go catch a flick with your spouse, or have coffee with your best friend. Ask someone you trust to pray with you.
  • Moms learn that parenting is not a sprint; it's a marathon. Results come over years, not days. And you will never be out of a job; parenthood requires a lifetime employment!

As always, your mileage may vary...

from our home to yours...

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Anonymous said...

"Mr. Whoozit and his wife Nurse Doozy"?????

Gee, now which couple would THAT refer to... Maybe I need to WISE up and get with the PROGRAM...

(hee hee - get it????)

Loved this post - just happened to go back and read it!