Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Thanks to Take My Hand for pointing me to Media Education Foundation. I'm convinced this worthwhile group is so little known because the folks who control the airwaves and bandwidth do NOT want us to think critically about what we see, hear and read.

While we here at the House of V are a relatively "unplugged" family as far as TV watching goes, there is so much wrong with the casual media encounters we do have. After all, the magazines in the grocery store check-out line have many of the images that are noted in MEF's materials. Wander over and take a look -- there's critical thinking exercises, downloads for viewing and discussion, etc.

If nothing else, it drives me to prayer... and then action.

From our home to yours,


Cathy said...

I couldn't get the web site to come up. Googled it and same thing happened. Wonder what happened?

Deb said...

Dunno - I just checked it and it worked... Over their daily bandwidth, perhaps???