Saturday, November 11, 2006

Writing about the unanswerable

I've hit a writer's block on part of my "portfolio" for my Spiritual Formation class... a large part of the pre-work (what you have to do before can do the rest) is thinking about and answering some questions.... Questions which, I suspect, will take me a lifetime to answer... Questions which most of us don't ever even think about answering, we just GO AND DO...

So that you can join me in my analysis paralysis, here's the current list of unanswerables for me...

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What causes your heart to stir?
  • What are your “soap boxes”?
  • What motivates you to action?
  • What dreams & visions do you have for the future?
  • What dreams & visions have “cob webs” on them that need to be resurrected?
  • What are the desires of your heart?
  • What tangible/measurable things would you like to accomplish in your life?
  • What circumstances from you past had a shaping effect on who you are today and what you feel called to do?
  • What family values have shaped you?
  • What areas of brokenness from your past does God want to use for the benefit of others?
But wait!! There's more!

Yeah... so... this will take time. I get it. Just pray me through. Monday I am taking a silent retreat for the day, just to think them through. And maybe, just maybe hear God's answer to a couple of 'em!

From our home to yours...


DebD said...

ugh - better you than me :) Seriously so, I agree - I don't sit around pondering such things, I do them. Trying to put them into words would be hard for me as well.

Good luck on Monday.

Cathy said...

It seems to me these would take a good bit of time for me to answer. AS in months - If given a short period of time, I would have questions I could not answer. Listening to others' answers may help spur some thoughts and joggle the memory!
I wish you the best on your retreat.