Saturday, June 23, 2007

I wish...

DD #1 was at a regional youth conference last week at Kentucky Christian University. Turns out that they have an undergraduate and a graduate/seminary program there. We are not particularly enamored with the denomination represented by the school (for many reasons). But their summer programs for teens and preteens come highly recommended. Great music was a part of the week; (the first night was David Crowder!)


There was a session where the teens could ask one of the KCU professors their theological questions. There were all sorts of random questions from the teens, and one of his answers intimated that he had attended a Southern Baptist-affiliated school. Because of our disagreement with the SBC on the ordination of women, this made my brilliant one perk up. She quickly surmised that he likely had a bias on women in the pastorate. She also knows that my personal goals include preaching. And being ordained.

So, she asked him, with a very nice smile, "can women be pastors and preach?"

And this nice misguided man informed her that, NO, women were not to do that because that was the job of a man, called as an elder, and that Biblically that role went to men. And that women could do other things, but not be pastors.

She desperately wanted a follow up question, but suddenly he was out of time for that particular Q&A session. (Imagine that.)

Which leaves me with some pretty honest thoughts and reactions to process...

  • First of all, NO WAY are our tuition dollars going to an institution that would not ordain a woman to the pastorate (let alone not hire one!!!) So let's just say in the grand "where will she go to college" game, that school just bit the dust. Big time!
  • It is sad that seminaries and Bible colleges are still teaching this "stuff".
  • I am incredibly proud of her for having the guts to ask him. And even more proud that she caught his theological bias.
  • I am proud of my little pot-stirrer. She's on the right path!
  • I would dearly love to have a woman professor, or a male egalitarian professor at the very least, have equal time at these "ask the professor" sessions!!!
I wish...

I wish that women could come with their message, their sermons, their hearts full from "God's download" and not be considered out-of-line, heretical, or unusual.

I wish that we would have open hearts without checking our brains at the door.

I wish that, as Myron Augsburger said, that we could fulfill our roles in the Kingdom of God "based on our gifts, not our gender."

Every now and then, I can see hope.

Sometimes for me. Sometimes for my daughters.

And I'll hang my hat on that...



Mandy said...

I think that you and your BBS are raising two women with the potential to make a real change - and may they have a large and accepting and passionate community into which they can venture.

But yes, sad that such absurd notions are still being taught anywhere. And good for DD#1 for not accepting such nonsense. (Not that I would expect anything less of her.)

mompriest said...

The world changes slowly. 15 years ago I wouldn't have said this, but we do have some kids being raised in churches with women clergy. They will always know that this is something women are called to do. They will never know that women have struggled so hard to claim their place at the altar and table. I remember one mom coming to me shortly after I arrived and asking me it was ok that her girls were playing eucharist, one girl presiding and breaking the "bread" the other receiving and vice versa. What could I say but, "of course!"

Good for you daughter and for your family. Changing the world one family at a time.