Friday, June 22, 2007


I scored an 11 out of 15 on "The Redneck Quiz" which is either pathetic or hilarious...

"You scored well (11 out of 15) this means you are one of 3 things.
1) You are exceptionally bright.
2) You used to be a redneck but have moved out of the south and are in remission.
3) You are a redneck but trying to hide it."

BTW - Just so you know... the Hebrew alphabet fits nicely to "GGG of GGGG" if you end it with "I've learned my Hebrew alphabet!"

I know you were staying up late worried about that one.



Cathy said...

I scored a 12.... I'm more of a redneck??

QuakerPastor said...

I got an 11 too! I guess Buckeyes are just close enough that some redneck rubs off...maybe at the state fair ;) Never did corn there, but Schmidts bratwurst and creme puffs, and potato pancakes were my downfall...I'll be in Ohio next week--gotta refill my buckeye garb before football starts.
Peace Out QP

Tricia said...

Obviously it's because we're exceptionally bright! :^)

I got an 11 as well, but where i wasn't outright guessing, the answers weren't that difficult to anybody who is reasonably well read [scuppernong, language a Cajun would speak, etc.]