Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On!

They're back...

Our Carolina wren couple came and did the interior decorating necessary to nest in our birdhouse again. But this year, the eggs have hatched.

Not that we've peeked mind you, but there's visual evidence that a couple of hungry critters are inside. Both birds are flying fast and furious, returning with treats in their bills. When they arrive at the door's opening, the birdhouse starts to shake and high-pitched twitters and cheeps begin. It's kind of funny to watch. It looks like it's battery-operated, because as soon as the parent leaves, the noise and shaking stop!

What I've enjoyed the most, though is the gorgeous song that we hear when one of the wrens sits on a nearby branch and sings and sings! Truly a lovely sound to wake up to every morning.

(to sing - conjugate in present active indicative)

There... I even did a little Greek to justify my bird-watching. :)

Finding joy in the small things...

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Mr ReRe said...

I'm sure it's much nicer than the songs that come out of my mom's bird clock every hour, on the hour...