Sunday, September 09, 2007

More than a friend for the journey

I don't blog about him enough...

My closest friend for the journey is my Beloved Bearded Spouse. I guess I don't write about him a lot because he's an introvert and I don't want to shove him "out there" into the blogosphere. But there is no way I could do this adventure I am on without him.

For example...
In less than 24 hours he has...

  • ...managed the home front (I had meetings from 8-2:30)
  • ...did troubleshooting on the wireless router (what IS it doing???)
  • ...reminded me that it was time for supper (I forget when I am "on task")
  • ...joined me for a casual chat with M&K
  • ...prepared the coffee autopot for the morning (ahhhhh)
  • ...set the alarm for me (something I often forget to do and frequently goof up)
  • ...herded the kids to church on time (no easy feat, even if they DO dress and get breakfast by themselves!)
  • ...corralled the kids and got them home for lunch (45 minutes ahead of me!)
  • ...and now he's off doing his son-ly duties when he really wants a nap...
Then there's the numerous times he has...
  • ...covered things at home when I am involved in ministry.
  • ...handled the TOTAL home life while I am traveling, or at modular week at school.
  • ...give me a (small) dropkick to go to the doctor because I am sick.
  • with and loving my family of many loud, happy folks when he comes from a small quiet one.
Not to mention...
  • ...the long talks, with me venting and him philosophizing on what it is that has me REALLY ticked
  • ...finding resources or ideas for me when I am stumped on research
  • ...making me see possibly a more *balanced* view than my emo one (as if!)
  • ...taking a stand for me, with me when I feel attacked
  • ...reminding me that the "best things" in life are usually right here. Not "out there."
  • fantabulous backrubs!
I think I'm blessed. Wait. I take that back. I KNOW I am.

So thanks, love...


DebD said...

Yes, you've been blessed with quite a gem.

I don't write about my beloved very much either- but its NOT because he's an introvert! LOL

mompriest said...

Yeah. I suspect many of us in ministry could not do what we do with out our best friend and best partner. I'm so glad yours does what he does, 'cuz he helps you do what you do! Mine too! He's my bests friend and my partner in ministry. We "work" the church as a team.

So, blessings on you and yours!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Oh darlin. Even knowing what you know with this still have no idea.

God bless your wonderful marriage and God bless you both.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You are blessed. Take it from someone who does not have what you have and longs for it.

You have a keeper!

Deb said...

It ain't all butterflies and roses, but I am fortunate to at least be able to disagree without fear... or coercion.

Too many women I know can not say that. Their stories rip at my heart.



Sarah said...

I miss you guys! I feel like you and Ken resemble me and Jeff in some ways (refreshment preferences aside). He's my let's think about it guy when I just want to scream and yell at stupid stuff. Of course, this only works at certain times...since sometimes I just want to scream and yell. He doesn't get that. haha

Mandy said...

We had a *delightful* time with you on Saturday - here's to more like it! And yeah, I hear you on the knowing that you're lucky part. I think that a lot - it's almost overwhelming sometimes.

zorra said...

I have one just like him. We are blessed indeed.

1-4 Grace said...

Does bearded spouse have a brother that is single?

Deb said...

Sorry 1-4Grace... BBS is an only child. You made him smile, though.