Friday, September 14, 2007

New Curriculum

I have spent this afternoon listening to presentations on "Christian Disicpleship Curriculum" and am bored silly. But "this will be on the test" means that I sorta had to pay attention. (Good doodling fodder, though.)

However, this class was good for something. It made me realize two things...

1) If what was presented was "the best" of what is available in discipleship, it is no wonder that people vote with their empty seats when they see what is offered.*
2) I would like to attend any class by Presbyterian Gal! (Even though her curriculum commentary was not what the institution originally wrote... she made me laugh. hard. Not quite so hard that milk can out my nose... but close.)


*P.S. To wit: the "NOT FUNNY" quote of the day from Nicky Gumbel of "The Alpha Course," who jokingly suggesting that the downfall of the Anglican church and the rise of women priests are related. And no, the people in the video didn't laugh, either.


Presbyterian Gal said...

Thanks for the link, Deb.

I sure hope that when they said "this will be on the test" someone wasn't banging the table so hard that you missed the point. (as experienced in soccer referee training).

Yup, I'd agree that vote by empty seat ought to get the message across.

mompriest said...

After doing the ALPHA course thre times all I can say is....Nicky Gumbel...sigh...the witty man who always wears a blue shirt and thinks in the most narrow spectrum of Christian theology imaginable.

He ought to have said that one of the primary reason there is a Church of England in England is because of the women priests - that is at least what the people who are in the pews actually say....but I guess he's too busy being witty to listen to them....

(sorry my bias comes slamming through)....

(and sorry you had to sit through such stuff)

QuakerPastor said...

t minus one hour and 15 minutes to game time! GO BUCKS, BEAT WSHINGTON!! (humming "drive, drive on down the field...")

Lorna said...

ouch re Nicky Gumbel - great in so many ways but still a silly man in others. (I'm biased too - but the alpha course IS great and has really helped reach people here in Finland)

but I really swung by to say I loved your poem about the rumpled sheets.

Deb said...

You know, I think it is the walking BESIDE - the living life together - that makes a discipleship program not be a 'program' but a way of doing Christianity. That's what works.

And also I don't really know many people who care as much about the topics that Alpha covers who are unchurched. More likely they want to know "why is there war?" and "why is there cancer?" etc etc