Sunday, October 07, 2007

back at school...

This week I am at modular week. This is the week I preach a student sermon and participate in who knows what else (usually there is some "group learning experience" during our class time which is also part of the fun.)

So... if I don't blog much, you'll know I am busy. And if I DO blog a lot, it's because my mind is overstuffed and something has to escape that doesn't need a Turabian footnote. Or that doesn't have to be capsulized in "3 points, a poem and a prayer..."

I am still pondering the final bits of a paper (almost ready to upload) and I'm polishing a student sermon. The sermon is far from complete. Lots of ideas, and nothing is jelling.

It would be great to have a mind meld with God at the moment. Since that's not happening it's time to get back to work.

Love to all my peeps...