Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The mothership has landed...

Look out! The mothership has landed!
One of the things I asked for (and received) this Christmas was a refill of the planner pages for my "brain". I have a Palm Zire that is dying (sadly) and doesn't want to sync. I had three calendars going - my desk, the kitchen and my laptop. Depending on where I was, appointments and reminders were written in one calendar, sometimes two, but never all three. The last few weeks of the fall semester, things got VERY messy. I dropped the ball more than I hit it.
Beloved and I are going to be looking for new PDA/cell phone combos so that electronically, at least, we can be synced. But I needed SOMETHING that was easy to update until then to manage "life" and all of its many tangles. Something that I could quickly copy or check for all of life's events because this semester is going to be crazy!
sooo.... off to the races. Planner in hand...


Presbyterian Gal said...

Don't know if you have a Mac or not. Either way, I find the iCal on my Mac very helpful to synch everybody. PC's probably have similar calendar programs that would synch up with a Palm or Blackberry. My friend, the busy mom and script supervisor, uses this system and it works very well for her. Just a thought.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Good luck!

And Happy New Year!!

Deb said...

Sadly... I am stuck in a PC world. I use Outlook - I just want something to sync Beloved's calendar and mine... because we came very close to dropping the ball too many times last semester... So I guess it's Outlook and a Blackberry - with paper backups!

If I only had a brain!

T J said...

Sorry about the Zire - I've been using Palms since Christmas 1999 (and a Newton before that) and I love 'em! We have some Tungstens Es and E2s for a project at work and those are pretty nice (much quicker recognition than the Z22, for example).

We were using iCal on our Macs for a long time, but sadly, they changed Sync and now we can't sync any more because we have different versions of the OS. Grr. So now we're experimenting with google calendars. Take a look and see if it works for you.