Monday, January 21, 2008

Things die in threes? how about fours?

Back when I worked at a large "extended care facility" (aka a nursing home) some of the staff were discussing the superstition that "things die in threes". There seemed to be some symbolic or world-balancing karma that made it so. We laughed about it and dismissed it.

And then...
3 patients died.
3 people had their cars stolen.
3 staff members resigned (different departments and employment levels, so it wasn't staged.)
and there were a whole string of "3s" in the days and weeks following.

It seemed strange. Downright weird, in fact. We wrote it off to coincidence and moved on. I forgot about it in the years since.

Until this evening...
- my electric (hand) mixer died.
- my trusty sonicare toothbrush bit the dust.
- the water-squirting dental appliance stopped working.
- the best hand vaccum I've ever had made a loud banging sound, spit sparks and black smoke.

That's four. WAIT A MINUTE!
grumble... well, phooey.


1 comment:

Presbyterian Gal said...

*back of hand to forehead* Oh no!!! The Appliance Bird Flu has hit American shores!

I must rush to blanket my washer and dryer!!!