Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oboe, snake and snow!

It is just too pretty out there. I am going to have to close the curtains. I mean, really. WHO wants to type when it's so lovely outside??

So instead of studying, let me do a quick photoblog of the last week. I can at least claim something productive from my procrastination!!

FIRST... Reedy Girl played her oboe in a concert and had a solo.

Reedy Girl (center) with compatriots...

...and playing away on her chosen WMD (weapon of musical description!)

THEN... Our long-spined friend has made himself at home.

As a necklace...

And as a hair scrunchie!

FINALLY... It is beautiful today.

The morning started watching a puffed up hawk size up our squirrel population. (I think she was wearing her down longjohns!!) Can you see her? She thought she was invisible!

And now we have a bit of snow falling, just decorative enough to make it really hard to write my paper. sigh...

And falling hard enough that I suspect there will be a bit of aerobic exercise this afternoon once it stops. It's no biggie. Only about 3-4 inches forecast, which means we will get half of that or twice as much!

But isn't it pretty???

OK. I'm back to work. sigh...



Presbyterian Gal said...

I look at your snow and it is just so pretty! We had 80 mph winds last night and today it's almost 70 degrees. I know it's California Dreamin' weather, but that's just so pretty.

Reedy Girl has your pretty smile. I'll bet she played very well.

Patty said...

Found your site due to the oboe comment. Hoorah for young oboists! I hope your daughter enjoys it tremendously, and I wish her many fabulous reeds. :-)

Patty over at

Deb said...

Thanks, PG
Yes, Reedy Girl did VERY well on her solo (and didn't even tell me she had one, the little stinker!) and is very happy.

Patty -
Glad to have you visit! We are still purchasing reeds which her teacher "fixes" (I know you understand!) She LOVES her oboe and is progressing nicely. I'd tell you what kind of oboe she has (it is indeed fully keyed) but I forget.

Blame it on Mommy brain and a paper due...

Deb said...

Hi Deb,

Good to hear that your daughter's teacher is fixing her reeds! (Some teachers aren't really oboe players and don't do that.) As for the oboe ... I'm going to guess Fox or Yamaha, but that's just because most of my younger students have those!

You might have mommy brain, but I have oboe brain and I think that's worse!

Besides, I've raised three kiddos and surely that has caused some injuries too. ;-)

Deb said...

Nope. It's French. I remember mangling the tag of instructions on the case with my rusty accent. It's above a "student" model but not a "real" model.

I don't look forward to reedmaking! But then... we have quite the bamboo habit now. Not quite as expensive as harp strings... but getting there! (And as Reedy Girl points out, "Mom, *I* don't need a big car to haul around my instrument!")