Monday, March 10, 2008

Retro Nite - the plan B

Retro Nite required a Plan B.

The dress
(a) stunk like mildew -- which I could not bleach and get out
(b) was 100% polyester double-knit (can you say HOT FLASH??) and
(c) made me look like a large, walking pile of psychedelic vomit.
And of course I found this out the afternoon of the event, since the dress came while I was away at school.

Never fear. I am an intern. I can improvise.

The Harpist had a tie-dyed shirt. Reedy Girl had beads. I had scissors, and accessories courtesy of WalMart (which I had purchased to go with the aforementioned dress.)

My beloved had a dashiki from his middle school days, so he was set. (Can we talk about men being able to wear clothes from their middle school days, and why women can't?? I mean, is this FAIR???)

SO here's our FAB look...

We shook our groove thang and had a blast. Oh, yes, here's a photo of me with my co-workers. (We didn't dress like this for Sunday... though we thought about it.) Do note the "Charlie's Angel's poses!!

I love my church! And I work with some great, crazy (or is that crazed??) people!



Presbyterian Gal said...

Very cool look. You guys might bring it back!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I LOVE this!! Ya'll are so cool man!