Thursday, January 14, 2010

Call me oversensitive..

Call me oversensitive if you'd like, but I was irked that of the "Top 55 Pastor Bloggers" selected and listed here, only FOUR of them were women. And the four that were selected were all from "". ( is a multi-campus megachurch in Texas, Oklahoma, New York, and Florida and has "online worship" as well.)

The list was created by a blog called 'Online Christian Colleges' so I can't really tell their affiliation.


Only four women? Relegated to a specific category???



Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Maybe you should write to them and see how the selection was done.

Mompriest said...'s sad...we fool ourselves if we think women have achieved "equality"...still so much more to do.

Deb said...

Mindy, I tried... but their "contact us" link does not work. And there's no place to leave comments. It does say that the author is a woman in Houston, TX, but there's no real bio info on her.

to be clear - I don't mind that men are nominated -- I just think that there's more women bloggers worthy of mention that ones from!