Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thanks... I think!

This afternoon, I made a quick trip to get my unruly shaggy head brought back into submission, since in the next few weeks I will be having interviews for a possible summer CPE unit. (CPE=Clinical Pastoral Education, or learning about yourself as a pastor and potential work in hospital chaplaincy.)

The shampoo gal says to me, "Gee, good thing you came in. Your roots are really showing. Time for a quick color touch up, huh?"

Me: "Um... No. This is my natural hair color."

Gal: "Oh. Well, it's really REALLY gray coming in. You might want to think about getting your hair colored."

Me: "Oh, I don't know. I've earned every one of them."

Gal: "Well, you'll definitely look old, like you're fifty or something, if you don't get your gray covered. And we have to keep working to look young in our forties, don't we?"

Me: "Well, that's a thought..."

I'm sure she meant well. (And I did not tell her that I left fifty behind a while ago... )


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You are beautiful and I love that picture.

And she was tacky!

Mompriest said...

never color your hair unless you want to deal with it every 4 weeks...

and, yes, I'm sure she meant well...LOL but also its her job and she makes a lot more money off a coloring than a simple shampoo and cut...

Deb said...

To be fair, the person who styles my hair doesn't do the shampooing... and when I gave her the gist of the conversation, she was horrified until I assured her I was flattered to be in my 40s again. I suspect it was a poor attempt at add-on marketing. FAIL.

Mary Beth said...

#1) you're fifty? I would never have thought it. srsly. Not that looking 50 is a bad thing. just saying.

#2) that girl can bite me!

#3) I can't stand people who say "We" about things like this.