Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An Honest Moment...

Holy One,
There is something
I wanted to tell you,
but there have been errands to run,
bills to pay,
meetings to attend,
washing to do...
and I forget what it is
I wanted to say to you,
and forget what I am about to do or why.
O God,
don't forget me please,
for the sake of Jesus Christ...

O Father in Heaven,
perhaps you've already heard
what I wanted to tell you.
What I wanted to ask is
forgive me,
heal me, increase my courage, please.
Renew in me
a little of love and faith,
and a sense of confidence,
and a vision of what it might mean
to live as though you were real,
and I mattered,
and everyone was sister and brother.

What I wanted to ask in my blundering way is
don't give up on me,
don't become too sad about me,
but laugh with me,
and try again with me,
and I will with you, too.


- Transforming prayer by Ted Loder
in Guerrillas of Grace

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