Monday, June 12, 2006

In my Prime...

Happy Birthday to Me.....

Yes, I hit a prime number today... and it's not 41! [NOTED on 6/13: OK, I goofed big time... it's not a prime number THIS year!!! Yes, I flunked math facts... The main point is later in this post, anyway...] It's not so bad. Recent reading about women who are perimenopausal becoming pregnant, and reading Dana L's story made me stop and think about my life journey up to this point.

So, I get pregnant. What's the worst that could happen? (Um... I would like to clarify that I am NOT!!!)
- not going to seminary?
- having a child with a birth defect?
- physical problems for me because of my "Advanced Maternal Age"?
- having to survive 6 more years of elementary school parenting?

Somehow, I think the last one is the most daunting...

CJ finishes elementary school Wednesday, and we start again on the roller coaster of puberty and middle school. I will miss the closer associations with the school and her teachers. I will miss working regularly as a volunteer in the school. But I won't miss another round of conferences in too small chairs, listening to a concert of beginning strings or reviewing math facts or "word families".

Now, when I have grandchildren, that's another thing! (And daughters, when you read this, I expect the first round no SOONER than 10 years from now!)

From our home to yours...



Anonymous said...

Speaking of reviewing math facts,
in the "40 and pregnant" entry you said you had your 15yo at age 35, and the almost-11 at 40.
But 51 = 3*17 => not prime, and
49=7*7 => not prime.
So are you 47 or 53? :^)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!! Hope your special day was lovely.


Deb said...

So are you 47 or 53? :^)


Neither. Just goes to show you how bad MY math facts are and why I love my calculator. Can I blame it on chicken pox in the 4th grade???

Ruth said...

Happy birthday!

DebD said...

LOL!!! Nope you can't blame it on the cp - it must be your AGE!! ;)

I remember once about a year ago telling someone (I actually believed myself too) that I was 37!! Had to correct myself, "No, no I'm 41. Why did I say *that*??!!" Total blond moment.