Friday, June 09, 2006

Make Way for Ducklings... er.. Goslings!

Montgomery County, Maryland is a crazy area of the country. High speeds, high stakes testing, high numbers of kids taking IB or AP classes in high school, high expectations on schools to produce highly paid graduates. And if you need someone let you merge on the Beltway? Fuggedaboutit! Sometimes it gets to be a little crazy. That's why this week I saw something that really made me smile.

I was in the middle of my "DO" list (as always), trying to get some errands run while the girls were at youth group. Birthdays and end-of-school purchases were on my list, involving four or five stores in a two hour window. Do-able, but a little difficult if the traffic is bad. Driving down a 6 lane main street, traffic suddenly came to a screeching halt. Crossing over the median were two families of geese: 4 parents and about 12 or so goslings. Well after they cleared the road, about 2 dozen cars sat and watched them as they were feeding along the sidewalk. The goslings, cute little fuzzy guys and girls (I assume both genders were represented!) were perpetual motion machines all over the grass and the adults had their hands (wings?) full keeping them off the road.

Traffic started up again after a few moments, but I had to chuckle at myself, and everyone else on the road. We were all smiling. People had taken pictures with their cell phones' cameras, and a couple folks got out of their cars to watch the "parade". Moments before, we were jockeying for position on the road to make our turns and merges. Now we were a little more relaxed.

Sometimes you have to stop and watch the goslings...

From our home to yours...


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