Thursday, June 01, 2006

Small potatoes...

In the midst of another's sadness, my "list" of cares is nothing.

A friend from my pilgrim weekend in Emmaus, Laurie, died yesterday. After tests, confusion, treatment and rehab, and a year of dealing with the effects of multiple myeloma, she died with the love and comfort of her family around her. I've just been on the periphery of her illness, keeping in touch via a blog, seeing her occasionally, and getting frequent updates from those who were around her and her family each week at church.

I will miss her... my heart and prayers are with her family.

From our home to yours...


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DebD said...

Deb I'm so sorry for this loss. There are many times when it doesn't seem to matter how close you were to the person or not, it just touches us deeply.

I know when police officer Michael Garabino died a couple of weeks ago - I was quite sad and subdued all week. I only met him once at Vespers.