Wednesday, September 06, 2006

On deviled egg plates and iced tea pitchers

We are FINALLY past the season of cook-outs and backyard hamburgers!!! I like a good burger with trimmings like just about anyone else, but the process of grilling, preparing condiment plates etc gets a little wearisome. In May, it's a novelty. In August, you bear up. By September, it's "please-don't-make-me-eat-another-backyard-hamburger!" (Now, a burger from TGIFriday's with bacon and sharp cheddar, maybe...)

But the process of both attending and planning summer picnics (and especially CHURCH potluck picnics) got me thinking about the dust-collecting deviled egg plate and iced tea pitcher in my cabinet. Both are required for being a proper southern belle hostess, or at least, to be a hostess with couth. (See, my Momma raised me right!) It's supposed to be a sign of good hospitality, or at least good SOUTHERN hospitality, to have these service items available in your cupboard. Recently, when a friend was here for dinner, I had to stop and wonder: when is the last time I actually USED a beverage pitcher on my table? And why was I not moved to use them that night??

Ummmm... Yeah... Because I don't care to? How very tacky. Or not.

There's a lot of artificial stuff in day-to-day life that is "good manners" and a lot that is just added on. And like the Disciples following Jesus around, occasionally my eyes are opened to how much of a slave to "custom" I have become.

My deviled egg plate is still dusty... And the iced tea pitcher last held irises from my garden. Oh dear... Do I have to give my white gloves back??

From our home to yours...


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That's good stuff.