Monday, September 04, 2006

Thanks, Jason!

I was pointed to his page on women in missional churches of the western world by another blogger.... It was not only encouraging, it affirmed all that I am praying towards becoming. All I can say is "WOW!" and I imagine I will be sending his link to others who need the encouragement, too.

One step at a time! First paper for seminary turned in over the weekend... Still absorbing and learning and growing... And leaving all the great argumentation to those who have made more laps around the track.

Right now it's time to make lunches for the kids, and oh yes, pray before I go to bed.

From our home to yours...


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Anonymous said...

"women in missional churches of the western world" huh??? Guess women in the non-western world don't need to be pastors? It was a good article (I don't disagree with its premise) but I wonder if women in the 2/3rds world don't also need WOMEN as their pastors too?

Guess that this requires too much for fundamentalist countries... esp since the good ol' US of A isn't doing so well either.

Study HARD!!! We need yoU!