Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Five: 5W + 1H = ?

From the RevGalBlogPals... Here is this week's Friday Five. It's been a very full, busy week. Here's the F5, short and sweet. The questions are simple, the answers unlimited. Go!

Who Me.

What Two term papers and three sermons.

When All due the same week in April.

Where Seminary

Why Ah. As Yoda would say, "I am wondering, why are you here?" As my mom would say, "T.L.O.K.!" ("The Lord only knows!") And that has to be enough for me, at the moment.

Bonus: How Good question. Especially since I am kinda stymied on the research papers (the scope and charge of the sermons is pretty much specified!) I would gladly hear your suggestions for topics for a 20 paper research paper on the topics of:

  1. anything in the books of Acts - Revelation
  2. anything on the books of Isaiah - Malachi
(The possibilities are so broad it is crazy!!)

In case you wondered about my equation, clearly, 5W + 1H = SS ("Spring Semester") ...and even Polgara the cat has some reading to do this week!

Not very creative on my part this week, sorry. But there you have it!

From our home to yours,


QuakerPastor said...

This makes me glad I'm not in school right now!

Sally said...

Hmmm how about emerging mission and Acts- look at some of Paul's initiatives-e.g. Athens - quoting their own poets.- but that scope is just too huge!!!!

mompriest said...

Wow. I remember those days of papers...

How about the topic of "body" for Acts - Rev. There will be variations on the idea of body, although Paul may consistent, Acts and Revelation will be different. Plus body connects to Eucharist, Christ, Body of Christ, Church...and lots of contemporary issues as well.

And how about Spirit for Isaiah - Malachi? The Spirit of the Lord is upon me? I don't know how often SPirit shows up in books other than Isaiah, but that absence might also be the point of the topic, why in one and not others?

Best wishes!! as you ponder your course of reflection...

You may want to look at Gail Ramshaw's book: Treasures Old and New: Images in the Lectionary...for more thoughts

Reverend Dona Quixote said...

Oooh, wow Deb. OT Prophets and NT Epistles, essentially. 20 pages. Hmm. Research paper. What do "they" mean by "research" paper? The only research paper per se I did in seminary, almost two decades ago, was for the history of Christianity, and I did "mystics and mysticism."

So, theoretically speaking, you'd be free to tackle subjects like

Pauline Misogyny: A Reputation Deserved?
Economic Justice Through The Eyes of The Minor Prophets
The Development of the Church In Its Earliest Years As Revealed in Acts and the Epistles

Maybe if you asked your instructor would tell you what others in the past have done? Just to get your creative juices flowing?

Anyhow ... God bless you!

Shawna Renee said...

I remember those days, and I'm with QP: I'm glad I'm not in school. Good luck on all your assignments.

Cathy said...

With assignments like that, my brain would be mush!

Deb said...

I should clarify... I don't have to write a paper on ALL of the books - just pick a topic that is part of ANY of the books listed...

Yeah, I know. Not a lotta help...


Leah said...

Not uninspired in the least, just a slice of real life, right? And I LOVE the pic of Polgara reminding me I need some current cat pics. BTW, I''d be happy to think of some ideas for your upcoming papers, though it looks as if you already have a few. Keep us updated on you blog, ok?